Paula Hatfield

Hub of Happy

Personal Development Coach & Mindset Mentor | Sevenoaks

What I do

Hi, I’m Paula and the hallmark of my work is to help my clients make positive changes in their outlook and wellbeing in midlife; helping them to find their version of happy, whatever that might be. This can be in relation to either their work life or their personal life.

Midlife is a phase of life which has been well documented as a time for reassessment and change and with coaching you can explore how you can make that a positive, healthy and empowering change, helping you to optimise your outcomes.

Coaching is perfect for you if you don’t want to go over the past, but very much want to make a positive change to your outlook. It uses forward thinking approaches and considers how you are feeling now and how you would like that to feel different.

My coaching style has been described as gentle, but super powerful and has derived from my many years as a creative coach and my extensive time as a holistic wellbeing practitioner. As you’ll be able to see from my website, I have an extensive tool kit of holistic modalities that I use to assist the coaching process when appropriate.

I see myself very much as a guide, with my clients firmly in the driving seat.

Benefits of working with a personal development coach:

  • Change unwanted limiting beliefs, behaviours or habits
  • Gain a big picture understanding of what drives you and others around you
  • Create emotional resilience – learning to ride life’s storms with grace and calm
  • Gain confidence and feel empowered to move forward towards your goals and desires
  • Find your centre and live from a place of integrity and authenticity

Services Provided

  • I currently deliver 121 coaching online or face to face if you’re local, which includes my Mindset Reset programme.
  • I am currently formulating my next group course for the Autumn 2023
  • I also deliver online corporate mindset & wellbeing packages.

What Else?

  • I live in Sevenoaks, I am a proud single Mum of 2 teens and we have 2 pet house rabbits!
  • I love yoga, meditation, holistic approaches to wellbeing, art, film, music, dancing, walking, exercising outdoors, paddle boarding, and swimming in open water, especially the sea!