Meet Jess, Spark’s founder

Hello! Firstly sending you a very warm welcome and thanks for stopping by. I created Spark as a space for entrepreneurs to get inspired, connect, learn, and co-create.

Our events are fun and relaxed, each with a different theme, and taking away the boring, stuffy, and often awkward atmosphere that many networking events are known for. We choose our venues carefully as connecting people in great places is key to us.

Each event includes keynote speakers who will deliver a talk designed to inspire and inform you.

Talks are kept short to allow for more speakers, but also to give you plenty of time to get around the room and network with as many as possible. This is made easier for you as a guest business brochure is shared with all attendees before the event so that everyone is aware who is going, what they look like, and also have their contact details to keep.

All guests are encouraged to share their social media tags and to follow their fellow guests to give their businesses a boost, and to keep in touch after the event.

We also offer trainings, memberships, and business breakfast co-working mornings. All events and trainings can be found here

Spark Network is full of positive, inspiring, professional individuals, and we can connect you to people to help and support you in your business.