Amba Kahly Su


Tantra Spiritual healer | Sevenoaks

What I do

Amba Kahly Su is a fifth-generation Tantrika Shaman whose work is all about awakening and harnessing the power of Kundalini (sacred sexuality).

 Amba, who’s from a long line of healers and priests, has been practising the ancient art of Tantra for many years. Her purpose is to bring authentic tantra healing to the West. She uses transcendent sexuality to transform every area of life: from sex to health, wealth, relationships, money and more.

 She invokes the energy of the divine mother in a deeply transformational process, involving ancestral and multi-dimensional healing.

 Amba uses the incredible power of “Divine Mother” to transform generational trauma and limiting beliefs. And shows you how every area of your life can be totally transformed…effortlessly using the divine power of Tantra. 

 Amba blurs the boundaries between the living and the departed, allowing her to tap into astonishing depths of understanding and insight.

What do Amba’s clients say?

Amba is a testament to the fact that genuine Tantric shamans are not bound by mere paper qualifications but rather by their ability to connect with the unseen forces that govern our existence. ~ Sue -LA

 By opening myself to Amba’s teachings and experiences, I found inspiration towards deepening my own spiritual connection and expanding my understanding of what it means to live an authentic life. ~Kate – NY

 It is rare to encounter individuals like Amba in our lifetime – those who boldly challenge conventional notions and societal expectations. By recognizing and celebrating the unique qualities that set Amba apart, I had the opportunity to unlock my own hidden potential and embrace a life that is rich with purpose, passion, and deep meaning. ~ Michel – UK

I dived into this one-of-a-kind spiritual journey alongside Amba as she guides me towards a higher plane of existence. Together, we explore the boundless potential that resides within me and discover the power of living a life aligned with my true essence. ~ John – CA