Why become a sponsor for SPARK?


As a sponsor, your brand will be prominently displayed and recognized at all Spark events, both online and offline. This exposure will ensure that your organization reaches a wider audience, including decision-makers, entrepreneurs, and professionals from various industries.

Access to Targeted Audience

By aligning with Spark, TrinityHawk gains direct access to a diverse and motivated group of individuals actively seeking collaborations, partnerships, and business opportunities. This presents an ideal platform to engage with potential clients, build valuable relationships, and extend your market reach.

Thought Leadership Opportunities

As a sponsor, your organization will have unique opportunities to showcase your industry expertise and thought leadership. You can participate as a guest speaker, or a contributor in our training workshops, sharing your valuable insights and knowledge with our engaged community.

Networking and Collaboration

Through sponsorship, TrinityHawk can actively engage in networking and collaboration opportunities within our growing member base. This enables you to identify potential clients, establish strategic partnerships, and leverage the collective expertise and knowledge of the Spark community.

Packages start from £250 + VAT per event

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