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As business owners we can’t expect to be able to do everything, and finding someone that knows what they are doing is always a good idea.

Welcome to the Spark Business Directory where you’ll find a fantastic group of professionals to help you in your business.

Star & Gold Members

Carla Barber Photography

Carla Barber

Barker Design

Justine Hodgson-Barker

Changelovers LTD

Ildi Haraszi


Sterling & Law

Louise Fitzgerald

The London Tax Company

Nigel Taylor

Twig and Bee

Ellie Lake

Wendy Wyss Marketing

Wendy Wyss

Beyond The Kitchen Table

Marie Brown

Luxury Travel with Soni

Soni Dhariwal


Samantha Rush

Vedder Price Solicitors

Daniel Stander

Cognitive Behaviour Psychotherapist

Sonya Black

Tunbridge Wells